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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Hwy 248 & Rio Grande Ranchos Intersect at the NW Corner, Unit 26

The NW corner of Unit 26 is where Hwy 248 and the Rio Grande River intersect. All lots are within walking distance of the river. (Click to enlarge.)

Friday, September 08, 2006

Summer 2006 at Rio Grande Ranchos

This photo, taken recently by a new property owner, shows the Rio Grande River from the banks of Rio Grande Ranchos subdevelopment with a good shot of Mt. Blanca in the background. (Click to enlarge.) According to the photographer and happy owner, RJ: "We saw the property and it is great. Very green up there right now and the Rio is walking distance and the view of Mt.Blanca is great."

Real Estate Values in Costilla County

According to this 2005 article in La Sierra, the official news source for the Costilla County, real estate prices in the area are being driven higher by strong appreciation in property values from Taos, just an hour south. According to the article, the town of Taos, New Mexico, has become an art mecca, lifestyle center, and tourist destination where wealthy newcomers are eager to buy up land for their dream homes. High Taos prices have been pushing growth to the north where even in Costilla County, two-acre lake front lots are being advertised for $85,000 and farmland is selling for $10,000 an acre. Be sure to read the article. (Click to enlarge.)

To greater appreciate the attractions of the San Luis Valley, check out the
Alamosa Tourism video

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Aerial View of Properties Available

This is the Master Plat Map of the Rio Grande Ranchos. The River runs along the left-hand side. State Hwy 142 marks the northern boundary of Rio Grande Ranchos. Hwy 248 runs through the middle of the sub-development connecting the area to State Hwy 285 on the east. Each of the smaller Units is a mile square. (Click to enlarge.)

The aerial photo shows the terrain surrounding Units 27, 20, and 19.(Click to enlarge.)

UNIT 27 LOTS 71, 82-86, 117, 103

$48,500 is the asking price for Lots 82-84, and 117, a 30-acre spread, subdivided into six adjacent 5-acre parcels: They provide a perfect investment that allows you to pass along acreage to family and friends or to sell selected parcels at a later time. These lots have road access along Acoma Trail and are only two lots from State Hwy 248. Lot 117, which adjoins Lot 86, has access from Bannock Trail. Power is less than one mile away at the NE corner of Unit 27 along Hwy 248. The Rio Grande River is within 1.5 miles. (Click to enlarge map.)

Note: To see where electricity intersects the NE corner of Unit 27 and Hwy 248, see aerial view above.

Property Details for 30 subdivided Acres Unit 27

UNIT 20, Lots 4, 5, 17, 19-21, 28, 47, 48, 75-77, 81, 82, 84

$8,990 is the asking price for each of these 5-acre parcels. Unit 20 is situated only one mile from the Rio Grande River and approximately two miles from State Hwy 248. Many of the parcels are adjacent, creating the unusual opportunity for family and friends to own adjoining lots. Purchase four or five contiguous parcels for personal use with the option to deed to family members and/or re-sell.

Each lot measures approximately 330 feet by 660 feet. (click to enlarge)

UNIT 19, LOT 46, UNIT 23, LOTS 91, 92, 101, 120, 126

$8,990 is the asking price for the 5-acre Unit 23, Lot 120. It measures 660 deep by 330 feet wide and has access along Galapago Trail. It is within 1.5 miles of State Hwy 248 and the Rio Grande River. (Click to enlarge map.)

$26,900 is the asking price for Unit 23, adjacent Lots 91-92 and 101, a 15-acre spread, subdivided into three adjacent 5-acre parcels: They provide a perfect investment that allows you to pass along acreage to family and friends or to sell selected parcels at a later time. Three lots have road access along Delaware Trail and the forth lot has road access along Galapago Trail. Each parcel measures 660 feet deep by 330 feet wide. They are within 1.5 miles of State Hwy 248 and the Rio Grande River. (Click to enlarge map.)

$8,990 is the asking price for the 5-acre Unit 19 Lot 46. It measures 660 deep by 330 feet wide and is within .5 miles of the Rio Grande River. (Click to enlarge map.)

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Unit 26, Lots 54,55,56,57,58

Asking Price is $10,990 for each of these 5-acre parcels. Parcels 54-58 are adjacent parcels, creating the benefit of owning twenty-five contiguous acres subdivided five times into 5-acre increments. The lots are situated in an especially desirable location in the NW corner of Unit 26, only .5 mile from the Rio Grande River and one lot from State Hwy 248. Each lot measures approximately 971 feet by 229.5 feet each facing the Acoma Trail.

Competitve prices. Horse & Deer country.

Click here for comparable prices.

The first photo shows a deer and Mt. Blanca in the background. Wild horses call the Valley home, too. (Click to enlarge photos)

UNIT 48, BLOCK 17, LOT 14 and UNIT 24, LOT 56

$9,990 is the asking price for the 5-acre parcel in Unit 48, Block 17, Lot 14. It is highly accessible, adjacent to State Hwy 142 on the north end of Rio Grande Ranchos subdevelopment and faces Nared Ave. The lot measures 330 feet wide by 660 deep. (click to enlarge map)

$9,990 is the asking price for this 5-acre corner parcel in Unit 24, Lot 56. It is located within 1 mile of the Rio Grande River and is adjacent to Seminole Road and War Eagle Trail. It is about 1.5 miles from State Hwy 248 The lot measures 330 feet wide by 660 feet deep. (click to enlarge map)

Area Wonders

1. The narrow gauge rail road is just east of Rio Grande Ranchos.

2. Wild horses roam the San Luis Valley.
3. Majestic Mt. Blanca, at 14,345 ft. elevation, is the tallest peak in the area.
4. If you like stream fishing, Zapata Falls is close by.
5. The Great Sand Dunes National Monument, a half-hour's drive northeast of Alamosa, is the greatest collection of sand dunes on Earth outside the Sahara Desert. (Click to enlarge.)

About the Location

Majestic mountain views surround the San Luis Valley, located near the New Mexico border. Ski and art enthusiasts appreciate that Taos, New Mexico, is an easy 45 to 60 minutes south. Taos-popular for both its skiing and for its well-known art colony, attracting literally thousands of tourists each year-can become your own backyard playground. Other ski areas within 1 1/2 hour's drive offer beginner, intermediate, and pro slopes with snowboarding

For more family recreation, there are several great options such as the Great San Dunes National Monument with camping, hiking, ATV trails, and majestic views. Zapata Falls, many horse trails, fishing and boating lakes such as Smith Reservoir -- stocked with trout, walleye and bass -- are within 45 minutes to an hour away. No less than four boating and fishing lakes are within 45 to 50 minutes.

The San Luis Valley has a well-deserved reputation as a sportsman's paradise. Herds of elk, deer and wild turkeys can be seen throughout the area. Residents can enjoy the rural serenity of the valley while having easy access to Alamosa ,to the northwest, where all the advantages of a four-year college, airport, and many shops and restaurants, including a new Wal Mart, are available. The Alamosa Tourism video posted on YouTube shows off the highlights of the San Luis Valley. Approximately 25 miles away, the town of San Luis is the oldest settlement in Colorado.

Home builders love that Rio Grande Ranchos remains unpolluted with a moderate cost of living. It sits on top of the largest, cleanest water table in the North American Continent. Its fertile soil produces a variety of crops, including an abundance of alfalfa. The sun shines an average of 300 days per year and snowfall is limited. Thanks to moderate weather and county-maintained roads, the land is accessible year round. Water rights are included with the property.


To own your piece of paradise,

feel free to call or e-mail for more information.

CALL US: 805-407-3402

E-MAIL US: prosperitywest@pacbell.net


These Five-acre valley ranches and estates are located in Southern Colorado in Costilla County. The ranches and estates are near several communities; Ft. Garland, Blanca, Alamosa, Walsenburg, and Taos.New Mexico. The San Luis Valley is one of the world's largest and most breathtakingly beautiful mountain valleys. The Sangre De Cristo Mountains to the east, the San Juan Mountains to the west, and the La Garitas Mountains to the north surround the valley

ACCESSIBILITY: Your five-acre parcel can be reached year round by major highways found in the San Luis Valley and by county-dedicated roads.

CAMPING: Property owners may camp, park a trailer, or bring a camper to their estate site prior to building. A permanent residence building is not, however, a requirement of purchase. No one requires that you build anything at anytime

TAXES: Taxes and other governmental charges are approximately $62 for five-acre parcels. The payment of taxes is the property owner's responsibility. There are no special assessments or maintenance payments known or planned at this time, but taxes vary from parcel to parcel according to location.

UTILITIES: Propane gas service is available through several companies located in nearby towns and Alamosa. The Rural Electric Association (719- 852-3538 or 800-332-7634) has a San Luis Valley branch and provides electrical power to outlying areas, and property owners may obtain their own extensions depending on location. Service may also be supplied by the Public Service Company of Colorado. It is also possible, and may be desirable, to install a privately owned generator.

SEWER FACILITIES: There are no public sewer facilities within the five-acre valley ranches or estates and none planned or proposed. Private septic tanks or plants may be installed for individual parcels.

WATER: Individual wells may be drilled and have pumps of up to fifteen gallons per minute capacity, per five acres allowed.

TELEPHONE: Cellular phone service is available and phone lines vary in distance from the five-acre valley ranches and estates, according to location.

MEDICAL FACILITIES: Alamosa and Taos have excellent medical and dental facilities, plus a community hospital with complete medical and surgical facilities.

SCHOOLS: Colorado schools maintain a well-deserved national reputation. San Luis recently completed a new high school and also has primary and secondary schools. In addition, the cities of Blanca and Alamosa have primary and secondary schools. Alamosa is the home of Adams State College, a four-year, state-supported college. Colorado has a total of twnety-one universities and colleges offering training in literally every skill sought by business and

TRANSPORTATION: Numerous highways crisscross the San Luis Valley: U.S. 285 from north to south; U.S. 160 (the famed Navajo trail) from east to west; and Interstate 25 (linking Denver, Santa Fe, and Albuquerque). United Airlines (United Express) provides four scheduled flights per day to Alamosa Municipal Airport. Blanca and San Luis supply private airports. Greyhound Trailways bus lines serves Alamosa, Ft. Garland, Blanca, and Pueblo.

SHOPPING: The city of Alamosa has numerous stores, super markets, churches, hotels, and motels, movie theaters, bowling alleys, restaurants, and lounges, banks, savings and loans, and camping facilities. The town of Blanca has churches, a general store, a farm implement company, a post office, a cafe, restaurants, a lounge, and a fishing and hunting supply store.

OUTDOOR RECREATION: Colorado is an outdoor paradise for sportsmen and vacationers, presenting a panorama of recreation opportunities. The five-acre valley ranches and estates are surrounded by some of the best natural recreation available in America. More than one-third of Colorado's land has been reserved for public recreation, with hundreds of thousands of acres operated by the U.S. Forest Service, the Colorado State Land Board, and the Colorado Department of Game, Fish and Parks. Some nearby, nationally known parts and forest preserves include the San Isabel National Forest, the Rio Grande National Forest, and the Carson National Forest.

FISHING AREAS INCLUDE: Rio Grande River, Rio Grande Reservoir, Smith's Reservoir, Mountain Home Reservoir, Conejos River, Huerfano River, Continental Reservoir, Lathrop State Park, Platoro Reservoir, Road Canyon Reservoir, and Sanchez Reservoir.

WINTER SPORTS: Colorado has been called the country's winter recreation and ski center. A few of the ski areas most accessible from the five-acre valley ranches and estates are Monarch Pass, Wolf Creek Pass, Cucharas Pass, and Taos, New Mexico. Ice skating, tobogganing, and snowmobiling can also be enjoyed here. The closest ski area is Ski Rio, 30 miles from San Luis.

GOLF: Golf courses are located in Alamosa, Monte Vista, Walsenburg, and Taos.

TOURIST ATTRACTIONS INCLUDE: Creed-Famous Gold-Mining Town; Crestone Needle; Cumbres Pass; Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Rail Road; Fort Garland (Home of Kit Carson); Great San Dunes National Monument; Kit Carson Creek; Kit Carson Trail; Manassa (Birthplace of Jack Dempsey, the Manassa Mauler); Monte Vista the Sky-Hi Stampede and Rodeo; Mount Blanca (14,325 Feet Elevation); Pike's Stockade; Platoro Reservoir; San Luis (Colorado's Oldest Town and first Spanish Mission); South Fork; Wheeler Monument (The Famed Priceless Pinnacles)

ELEVATION: The elevation is approximately 7,500 feet above sea level. The land lies on the floor of a large mountain valley with most of the land being level or gently sloping.

CLIMATE: The average precipitation is 6 1/2 inches. Winter brings less than 30 inches of snow. The average temperature in San Luis Valley ranges from 82 degrees to a low of 41 degrees during the summer. During the winter, the average temperature ranges from a high of 41 degrees and a low of 1 degree, with a mean temperature of 20 degrees.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Highway Map

This map shows Hwy 142 flanking the northern boundary of Rio Grande Ranchos with Hwy 248 running through the center of the subdivision, connecting the area Hwy 285 on the east near the town of Antonito and the Scenic Rail Road. From this junction, Hwy 285 heads north to the San Luis Valley Airport and the town of Alamosa. (Click to enlarge.) The Rio Grande River runs along the eastern boundary of Rio Grande Ranchos.

A Land of Recreation

This map shows some of the many recreational opportunities in the San Luis Valley. Click to enlarge. Posted by Picasa

Rio Grande River Has Many Vistas at Rio Grande Ranchos

Inside the Subdivision

The photo above shows the Rio Grande Ranchos at the intersection of Units 26, 27, 23 with the gently rolling terrain and the enormous sky above. Photo taken Jan. 2005. (Click to enlarge.)

In the photo below, we are driving toward the Rio Grande River. (Click to enlarge.)

Map Quest

Rio Grande Ranchos is next to the Colorado/New Mexico border. It is just north of Taos, New Mexico and south of Alamosa, Colorado. Click to enlarge. Posted by Picasa